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Yes I wear aviators…

I feel good today.

American Spirit - Boston, Chinatown

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I love this picture so much

(Photographer: Elena Shumilova)

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Imagine if this was about people who were not “white.”

What is trending today?




Oh wow…

The last pic

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25.Sep.14 4 days ago
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hjahahahaha jokes. black people LOVE chicken lol haha mexicans swimming rivers lmfao hahahahaha ASIANS ARE SO SMART     haha what. wait a second. di dyou just. di dyou just make fun of white people. ……..dude……….. reverse racism is a serious issue. it’s not funny.

OP: Making a blanket statement about people based on their race while trying to challenge racial stereotypes is so much fail, it hurts. You just did what you speak against.

We are individuals. I love chicken, swimming in rivers and occasionally being intelligent.

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25.Sep.14 4 days ago